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Focus Problem with Sony PD170 Camera

The camera first did this during a 4 day shoot at the Ski Dazzle Ski Show, I lost a day of work
while I had to rent a back-up camera. I sent it in to Sony and they said they could not find the problem.

6 months later, I am shooting the Speedway races, and it does it again.. nobody touched anything,
it just goes out of focus on it own. Again, I lost 4 or 5 races, while we changed out cameras.

I shot 20 to 30 hours of video with no trouble, then it happens again.

I MUST have this fixed, either replace the camera with a new one, or replace the lens and all the focus controls..

I shoot video for a living and can't take a chance on this happening again.
If I send in the camera, it won't do it, so here is the video to show you want its doing

Sample Video of Focus Problem