Ken Mckinney and Mark was founded by Mark Williams.
Mark worked in the television industry in the 1980’s and also worked in Hollywood for fifteen years cutting promos for top television shows.
After a visit to Costa Mesa Speedway in 2004 he spoke with the race promoters and he began shooting races. He was hooked. After that he took his talents to several other tracks, Industry Hills, Perris Raceway, IMS, Mohave Speedway, and Auburn for USA vs. the World. He also introduced a live stream web cast at Industry Hills before streaming was a thing. 

About Xtreme Speedway Action is an established website dedicated to the advancement of motorcycle speedway in California and the rest of the nation. XSA is devoted to showcasing top racers and youth racers who have the talent to be the best.
In 2019 Mark decided to retire from shooting races and offered the business to Ken McKinney. Ken had been working with Mark at Costa Mesa Speedway since 2008. He has an eye for coverage as well as int erviews with racers. Also as an accomplished producer in his own right Ken’s work spans from living over-seas on the island of Saipan, and a few short stints working in Lake Havasu City and again overseas in Singapore.
Ken intends to advance XSA’s Speedway coverage for all audiences.